It’s HERE! The 2013 Wicked Women Writers Challenge is LIVE!


We’re kicking off the 2013 Wicked Women Writers Challenge with a GUEST POST from the 2012 Champion Killion Slade! Trust me, you’re going to LOVE HER! AND, don’t forget to visit and vote for your favorite podcast (make sure you listen to ALL of them, because this is a group of INCREDIBLY talented ladies who will terrify your socks off!). Without further ado, please give a WELCOME to Killion Slade!!!!

Mrs. Killion Slade

Thank you for having me on Diamond in the Dark today.  It has been my pleasure getting to know you and the other entrants for the Wicked Women Writer Challenge this year.  By winning the 2012 Most Wicked, this enabled me to come up with the theme of this year’s challenge.

A quick overview:

What is the Wicked Women Writer Challenge?

A challenge to all women horror writers, published or unpublished. Not only do they get to show off their prose, but we challenge them to perform their story in a podcast recording for all our listening pleasures.  Voters choose the Most Wicked Woman Writer and they get to where the coveted crown for the year and hostess the next year’s theme and event.


2013 Theme: How Will You Survive?

Premise: Life is never convenient. Why should the apocalypse be any different? Our challenge is how would you survive in an untimely apocalyptic situation.

Each entrant was assigned an apocalyptic disaster,  an everyday location,  a helpful item, and an untimely disability.  Basically, it was the type of situation where you are busy doing what you do every day and how would you survive caught in that situation.

The entrants this year did not let me down!  The ladies who completed the challenge found very creative ways to survive, and die.  I’m very proud of the stories submitted.  I have had so much fun with this project, that I have been inspired to create anthology of this nature and invite guest authors to contribute base on this type of premise.

Now to Answer Your Fun Questions J


Biggest Surprise:  The biggest surprise was the amount of entrants who didn’t complete the challenge.  We had twenty-five enter and only thirteen had strong enough submissions, got them in on time, or followed the time limit guidelines.  Is it a tough challenge, and for some, it was too much of one.  It’s  shame too because I would have loved to heard all the challenges given.  Perhaps I’ll save those for the anthology 😉


How did you get involved in The Wicked Women Writers?  Early in 2012, when I was building out my submission calendar for the year, I came across this challenge by Googling horror writer contests.  I was instantly hooked, and sent in my request to join last year’s theme, Horror Takes No Holiday.


When you were creating your podcast last year, what was the most fun? The most challenging thing?

Most Fun: The most fun for me by far was researching all of the possible sound effects, mixing them, playing them backwards, and finally incorporating them into the audio mix.  I love it when you don’t expect a sound effect while you’re listening to a story – one shocks you and it makes the hair stand up on your neck.

Most Challenging:  The holiday assigned to me was Pass Over.  I knew NOTHING about Pass Over, until I researched it.  I learned it is one of the most horrific stories in The Bible, so I put a real twisted spin to the story and made my heroine the Anti-Christ.


Why podcasts?

Why not?  They are exciting.  They’re fun.  I love audio books.  A solid narrator can truly bring a book to life.  The words come alive.  New dimensions for the story can be revealed through non-verbal sound effects.  Sounds and music only enhance the words.  I loved it when you used sound effects in your story Paternoster.  I will never forget – “Red, red, green. Red, red, green. Open and close.  Open and close.”


What advice would you give to a newbie creating podcasts?

Learn how to have fun with yourself. Seriously!  Often times, we take ourselves too serious, and we need to lighten up.  Play a little, have fun with your character, the voices, the emotions, and really get into it.  Check your inhibitions at the door!


What are you working on now?

We are deep into the bowels of editing and revisions on our debut novel, Exsanguinate, slated for publishing in December.  It is the first of five books in our New Adult Paranormal Horror Thriller series.


What’s your favorite cookie? ^__^

White chocolate macadamia nut, if I had to choose a fav.  But I’m not a cookie  prude – I’ll eat them ALL! J


Who Is Killion Slade?

Killion Slade is a married writing team where Mrs. Slade loves the horror and Mr. Slade is all about Sci-Fi Fantasy. Together, they are writing a paranormal horror thriller series, with a touch of romance, about the Vampire Apocalypse.  Their debut novel, Exsanguinate  is set to release Winter 2013.


Members of the Horrors Writers Association and the Paranormal Romance Guild, they storyboard their characters inside Second Life as their avatars reveal their stories.


Shameless Book Blurb Plug:


Exsanguinate – World of Blood Series – A Halloween horror night, theme park adventure for software gaming developer, Cheyenne O’Cuinn, results in a death style change she never dreamed existed.  Recovering from a vicious attack and her sisters abductions, Cheyenne must rescue her sisters from vampiric kidnappers before they’re used to breed warmongering dhampirs.


By unconventional means through her on-line role-play game, Cheyenne must navigate violent and tortuous clues in both reality and virtuality to rescue them.  Betrayal throughout the vampiric realm unravels human food shortages and global war preparations.  What happens when there are more vampires than humans on the planet?  Amidst an impending vampire apocalypse, Cheyenne finds herself both in conflict for survival and for her heart.  Will her immortal self, derail any hope of solving the growing puzzles before time runs out to save her sisters, herself and her humanity?


Isn’t she FABULOUS?? She’s all sorts of FABULOUS! And, don’t forget to stop by all this month for more interviews and guest posts from the ladies vying for the title of 2013 Wicked Women Writers Champion!

G is for Gyrfalcon

(most difficult one … yet… but I’m out of ideas, so I’m posting it anyway…. Ready?)

G is For Gyrfalcon…

Why, yes, I DID marry a former zoo keeper …

It was the first thing that popped into his head when I texted “G” this evening.  Actually, the FIRST thing he replied with was a series of ??? and then the light dawned, and I got “Gyrfalcon.” Now, this is a lot better than his SECOND suggestion: “gyratory.” That’s a mining crusher. Yes, from zoo keeper to mining archaeologist. How can one girl get so lucky? I mean … really?

So … Gyrfalcon. These are the largest of the falcons.  How large? Let’s just say these birds have wingspans as wide as I am tall (5’ 4” – which isn’t really tall for a human, but massively wide for the wingspan of a bird!) Also called “Royal Falcons,” they’re the ones you  would see on a kingly wrist before being tossed aloft to go kill … something.  A hare? A ptarmigan? Something like that. The sport of kings favored the Gyrfalcon, and even in the wild, the birds have only one natural enemy—Golden Eagles. They breed in the Arctic. I’m including a link to the McCauley Library and the Cornell Lab of Ornithology so you can hear one from 1972 that was in Alaska.

Until recently (2011), ornithologists believed they spent their winters south. Turns out, that’s not entirely true. Seems these falcons like to hang out on sea ice in the winter. No, I don’t quite understand that, either, but, ornithologists have the data, so I’ll go with that.


Poetry Form….

A regal bird deserves a regal poetry form. So … let me introduce you to the Alexandrine Poetry Type (because few things are as high-falutin’ as Alexander the Great). This poetry form consists of 12-syllable lines, and derives its form from a medieval romance written about … c’m on … guess… YES! Alexander the Great! Charles Baudelaire (1821-1867) favored it, and when I looked it up, I came up with this example:

La très-chère était nue, et, connaissant mon cœur,
Elle n’avait gardé que ses bijoux sonores,
Dont le riche attirail lui donnait l’air vainqueur
Qu’ont dans leurs jours heureux les esclaves des Mores.

Now, let’s get one thing straight – if you think I’m doin’ this in French on a Sunday night, you’re crazier than, well, me. And now … an Alexandrine Poem all about The Gyrfalcon…


Royalty willingly lays out its treasure for

Fleet of wing, sharp of eye, hunters in feathers, who

Wing their way upward and down seeking quarry and

Soar wildly down with bell chiming, brightly and clear.

What are these creatures, these massive Gyrfalcons that

Kings and their princes wage war for their favor, while

History records all this fair-feathered madness and

Dynasties fall, cities crumble and burn. For birds.

Iceland has claimed them, these proudest of falcons, their

National Symbol falco rusticolus, or

“gyrkin” from “gyrose,” that Latin to circle it

Hunts down its prey in unusual ways. And yet…

Our history records our great love for this falcon

By twelve-eighty-six its true merits were known when

Historian Ibn Said al-Maghribi told

Tales of fair Ireland and the worth of this falcon.

A princely sum, wanted dead or alive, such was

The ardor for birds far and wide. But worse, still more…

In China of old how the story was told of

The Emperor’s madness-tinged love for these falcons…

Swan-hunting was fashionable among his court

So a plan the Liao Emperor hatched where he meant

To tax his people into oblivion ‘ere

Gyrfalcons were given to sate his ambition…

And now these proud birds still prized for intelligence

Wing through the world unabashed, unpossessed

Revealing still surprises like sea voyages—

Gyrfalcons and humans, soar higher and wilder.