A-LARPing We Should Go…. Welcome to Day 1 of Coffin Hop!

Devil Fish Bay Pic

Happy Coffin Hop Day 1!

So, as I was looking around for some semblance of inspiration for Day 1 of Coffin Hop, I was reminded of a video sent around by the good folks at Lovecraft eZine:

This LARP (Live Action Role Play) was unique in that it had a Lovecraftian theme, whereas most LARPs involve Epic Quests and running around the forested areas of the Finger Lakes Region of New York State smacking trees with swords. Please don’t ask me how I know this, because it would be embarrassing for both of us…. That said, a million years ago in my younger, wilder days, I used to LARP with a group from SUNY New Paltz and then-boyfriend Ken [last name withheld to protect the not-so-innocent].  If you’ve never LARPed, you should try it. At least try it once. It’s like acting on the largest stage possible. You lose yourself and become someone entirely different. It’s the BEST kind of mass-hysteria.

So, my Coffin Hop Day 1 post, inspired by Swedes LARPing about, is about a place on Prince of Wales that could beat Sweden hands down for an eerie place to hold a LARP. I’m talking about Devil Fish Bay. On the still-available-but-not-for-long NOAA Chart (that’s another post for another day), it’s here:

Devil Fish Bay Chart

Latitude: 56.09417 : Longitude: -133.34417

Innocuous, right? It’s a little place on a map that looks pleasant enough. Sure. Pleasure boats go through there. Never a problem, right?

Let me tell you a little bit about Devil Fish Bay (at least what I know about it). Legend has it that there was once a Native village on the shore of Devil Fish Bay. One night, a Devil Fish rose from the water, created a tidal wave, and wiped out the village. Such was the terror, that those who survived fled and never returned. No village was ever established there again. Ever. But, the strangeness doesn’t end there. The Devil Fish persists. Apparently deep beneath the water is the wreck of a boat pulled under by the Devil Fish. Through the clear water, you can still see suction cup marks all around the hull. Are we seeing a Lovecraftian LARP opportunity yet?

It gets better.

I’ve heard stories of kayakers who have attempted to spend the night on the shores of Devil Fish Bay only to be frightened by some unknown “feeling” or “presence” that they’ve fled–leaving tents and gear behind them. One kayaker reported hearing “voices” when no one was there. Another reported smelling “coffee” when there was no one around and no one else making coffee.  Are we there yet?

It gets better.

I know this guy who, for the purposes of this blog post, will remain nameless. He is one of  the most down-to-Earth guys I know. He isn’t given to flights of imagination. He isn’t dramatic or high strung. He’s even-keeled, he’s matter-of-fact, and he’s got a wry sense of humor. I thought he was kidding when he told me that Devil Fish Bay scares the hell out of him. I mean, really? He doesn’t like it there. He openly tries to avoid it. He doesn’t want to “talk about it,” but talking to him belies the fact that he’s witnessed something there.

It can’t get much better than that.

I know it would take years to set up, but a LARP in Devil Fish Bay might be just the cure for October blues that settle in with the weather.  Just throwing that out there; everyone’s gotta have a hobby.



The Coffin Hop Day One Contest is simple: Considering the Lovecraft Mythos, what creature or character would you chose to be in a LARP, and do you think you would survive?

Today’s Prize:  a Coffin FULL of Candy (35 pieces to be exact!) and a package of Raven’s Brew Deadman’s Reach Coffee!


Comments close at Midnight, so don’t delay! A new contest and prize every day!





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21 Replies to “A-LARPing We Should Go…. Welcome to Day 1 of Coffin Hop!”

  1. Hi from Whispers from the Abyss, not sure what character I’d chose. I’m familiar with the Lovecraft mythos, but not enough to choose a creature or character. Good luck with the Coffin Hop

  2. In the case of Devil Fish Bay, I’d chose to be an indian priestess or witch. While the evil at Devil Fish Bay may NOT be just an animal (what if it’s a demon?), I’d hopefully have enough power to survive the night and leave the next day.

  3. In a LARP (live action role play) I would love to act out a “Walking Dead” scene, and I would be Michonne – or a zombie. 🙂

  4. I think given that it’s a 1920s Cthulhu scenario, I’d play a British WWI flying ace. The main skill a flying ace has that would help in the face of the horror of Mythos creatures is the death-row-like attrition these pilots faced in the Great War. They did it for Queen and Country, for glory, and to show the Kaiser what for. He’d have a service revolver, a few grenades, a knowledge of mechanics and piloting, and a scrappy no-turning-back can-do attitude when things get crazy.

    Survivability? Not very likely. He’s going to throw himself at some eldritch horror to save others, pins pulled on grenades, pistol firing. Or, if he can get his hands on a plane, he’s going to dive bomb Cthulhu. Bravery does not mean you’ll survive the day, but it does get you a place in the history books.

  5. Oooo I would love to visit!
    I have stayed in a few supposedly haunted locations and I ended up being the scare-ER rather than scare-EE. Had weird feelings but nothing I couldn’t put down to my imagination running with me. But this place sounds different. Ill go if I can get a gang! And as for the LARP… hmmm … the Jersey Devil would be fun!! Thanks for the fun post!

  6. How about rats, like the ones in the walls. I think I would be overwhelmed.

    What is a Devilfish?

    1. To listen to the “one who is not named” it was something akin to a Kraken, or a giant squid. The classic “Devil Fish” is a ray of sorts, but Grey Whales were also called “Devil Fish” in the not-so-distant past. The suction cup marks? Yeah, FREAKY weird. And, that even the two kayakers in the post are not into supernatural ANYTHING (and one of them is a scientist) but were completely unnerved and “fled” (that’s THEIR word) the place is pretty telling.

  7. Let’s try this again, spam free wordpress.

    Creepy story, would be fun to go there some time.

    I’ve never LARP’d, but Galileo Games has a zombie one that sounds like fun. I don’t know Lovecraft well enough to have a favorite, but if there was a LARP at Squires Castle in Ohio (where I grew up), I’d be a survivor running from whatever ghosts the LARP called for.

  8. You always have the best contests! I think I would be Azathoth because I could sleep for most of the LARP, then wake for a mere moment to destroy all existence…then go back to sleep.

  9. Being an entomologist myself, I’ll go with Henry Sargent Moore (mind you it took me a while to track down his name)… He wouldn’t stand a chance of surviving though 😉

  10. Since I don’t like to lose I’d have to go with the big guy, Cthulhu. I’m pretty sure I would win as this character.

  11. Why not the ghost of a creature, like some creepy bird-mermaid? And no, I wouldn’t survive, sadly:(

  12. You know, I saw this first thing this morning, and it’s been on my mind all day. As much as I don’t think it would help me survive, for some reason, my brain keeps telling me to choose the narrator from the short ‘Dagon’. Gotta follow the brain… win, lose or draw! Though I may feel ‘stuck in the mire’ at this point, I agree with AF Stewart, and have to say there is NEVER A BAD TIME to say “Release the Kracken” (big echoing voice and all!)

  13. You always creep me out! I would be the one standing with her back to the water giving the best pep talk ever. “We are going to stick together and get out of here. We will see the dawn!”…right before something comes out of the water and yanks me under.

  14. I figure the monster a kinda Cthullu thing so, to increase my chances of survival I’d go for a Demon! Yes! The Necronomicon kind of demon that would have a foot–or several–to stand on during a confrontation. =)

  15. I think I’d have to go with Barnabas Marsh… Not sure I’d survive though! Great question!!

  16. I’d be a visitor trying to disprove the local legend. I’d freak out once I heard the voices in the dark and i’d leave.

    Once I visit a nearby town, a town elder would tell me the families associated with the Devil Fish Bay, I would learn that some families left and laid residence in Innsmouth, my hometown!!!

    I would survive but I would never be seen again as my heritage would answer the call of Devil Fish Baby!

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