Coffin Hop Countdown….! 5 Days To Go…!

Coffin Hop 2013a

It’s hard to believe it’s nearly “That Time of Year Again.” It’s our THIRD Annual Coffin Hop! First of all, Third, third, 3rd: however you write it, it may seem incredible that a blog hop has had the staying power to not only have a 3rd Anniversary, but GROWS  every year it’s hosted! This year, though, there’s some ADDED fun and mayhem… I’m not talking about the coffins full of candy prizes or the Steampunk-designed sarcophagi that are prizes, I’m talking about a more unique (wait — I hear you, “Steampunk-designed sarcophagi? What the buckets –?” Yeah, I said that. Keep reading (and make sure you keep checking back for those!) offering from the ghouls and boils of Coffin Hop. It’s … THIS:

Death By Drivein

I don’t think I’ve ever been more taken with a group of people. Yes, I have a story in this, but that’s only half the story. It’s a Charity Anthology. It benefits LitWorld. And, just what is LitWorld? It’s a 501(c)(3) with a 2014 goal of teaching ONE MILLION children how to read. Yeah. A charity that understands that children’s literacy is “the foundation for emotional and physical well-being, intellectual growth, and economic security. The right to read and write is a fundamental human right and belongs to all people.” I think I’m gonna cry. Okay, I’m tearing up, but, if you know me, you know that literacy in all forms is so near and dear to my heart that my tearing up over finding like-minded people doesn’t surprise you in the least. According to LitWorld’s data, there are 793 million illiterate people in the world. Most of these are women and children. While their goal to teach 1,000,000 to read by 2014, what is even more laudable is their goal that, by 2016, they will have equipped 10,000 “literacy leaders” to “effect change that will impact ten million children across the globe.”

So, there it is. There’s a blog hop coming. It’ll be happening here and on blogs around the world starting on Thursday, October 24th and running through Halloween. There will be horror and chaos and bedlam because ♫ “life’s no fun without a good scare.”♪ I’ve never been so pleased and proud to be associated with such a group of warm, funny (terrifying), caring people. Stick around here and check out Coffin Hop during the 24th-31st to hop around some of the best horror blogs out there. We’re 200 strong (this may take you awhile, but don’t give up!) and it’s your chance to meet some talented writers and win stuff … like Steampunk-designed sarcophagi…



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