SALT — Now Available at Amazon!

In the kingdom of Tsitadel, King Daniil and his Queen, Sofiya, have three sons. Prince Afanasiy, the eldest, is dark and scowling, the second, Prince Ilya, is fairer, but by no means fair, and the third, Prince Innokentiy, is the most foolish of the three–so hapless that his family calls him “Kenya,” believing no formality should be spared on one so witless. When King Daniil gives his first two sons ships fitted with fine crews, excellent wares, and glittering sails and commands them to sail forth to find their Fortunes in the world before returning to rule, Queen Sofiya begs a little ship for Kenya. King Daniil finally acquiesces–hoping that Kenya and his crew of ancient mariners aboard a rickety ship fitted with shot-through sheets and loaded with all manner of burlap and moth-eaten wool and water-ruined silk drown in deep water.

But, as Kenya’s ship heaves-to in the lea of a strange island, a mysterious fog sweeps low across the sea and the world changes …. completely….


SALT is the first part of Volume I of Dark Soundings, a new fairy-tale series with dark themes and elements, but all the fun and charm of the Once Upon A Times that we grew up with. Pick up a copy at Amazon today!