L is for Laconic….

L is for Laconic…

terse – concise – brief – succinct – short – curt

Tim: My most favorite word.

Me: Laconic? THAT’S your favorite word?

Patrick: You think you know a guy…

Tim: People say I’m laconic —

Me: People? Who are these people?

Tim: Those who don’t know me …

If brevity is wit, my husband is the soul of wit. While that’s not to say he’s unfunny (honestly, he can drop me to my knees laughing with some of the zingers he comes up with), he simply uses far fewer words than I do. In fact, he could’ve told the story in The Fishing Widow as flash fiction…

Tim: Too much fishing information.

Me: How much do I cut?

Tim: A lot. Remember, it’s not Moby Dick.

Me: But … I enjoyed Moby Dick.

Tim: Not a primer. Give me that pen —

Me: Just don’t hurt them [the boys]

Tim: Hurt them? You didn’t even notice when one of them died —

Me: I was tired.

Tim: ….

Me: And I seriously thought he could get out of it.

Patrick: You two are weird and talk too much.

Tim: Who talks to much?

Patrick: I’m goin’ to bed. ‘Night!

Laconic skipped a male generation in our household. I don’t have the sequence on my genome and neither does my son. Poor Tim. Laconic in a family of verbose …


Poetry form

Katuata — An Early Japanese Poetry Form

(lifted, again, from www.poetsgarret.com)

The Katuata originally consisted of a poem consisting of 19 sound units or onji, (in the west we would describe this as having a syllable count of 19). There was a break after the fifth and twelfth onji and this would give us a form structure of. 5 – 7 – 7.


Minced words , concise and

Terse, leaving nothing to chance

Or misinterpretation

He, of concise speech,

Who offers nothing more than

Simpl’est expressions of love

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  1. Loved this one! And especially the conversation before the poem. I’d love to just sit in a corner and listen to you and yours!

    1. You’re so right, that’s my difficulty. Probably the closest I’ve ever been to laconic is a poem I wrote:
      Sadness in a smile
      Eyes of Brine

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