K is for Kryptonite …

K is for Kryptonite

…and this is what happens when a 15 year-old boy bounds into the room and says, “I get to pick today!”

We’re all clear on Kryptonite, right? The K-Metal produced when, in the Superman mythos, Krypton exploded … I was amazed at how much information was available for a mythical element on Wikipedia; I was also stunned at the various “forms” of the substance (naively believing that the “green form” was the only form! Pfft … neophyte … but I digress). Everything you ever wanted to know about Kryptonite is available here:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kryptonite And, God help me on this, it all looks peer reviewed, so I think this has some bonafide, spot-on credible information on the subject.

Poetry Form (can I get a shout-out for the Poetry Forms of Fair Lost Krypton? *crickets* C’m on, don’t leave me hangin’….) Anyway, there’s the famous Jor-El’s blessing, which is kind of like poetry: http://kryptonian.info/translations/jor-els-blessing.html  And, better yet, there’s the Poetic Table of Elements: http://www.everypoet.net/element/display.php?symbol=Kr that has oodles of Krypton/Kryptonite poems.

I pause and stand amazed at the power of the internet … remembering that, as a lowly undergrad, I browsed endless card catalogs and hefty tomes and banged out research papers WITH FLIPPIN’ FOOTNOTES NO LESS (bow down before me all ye under 30!) on an IBM Selectric Typewriter …

Okay, reverie over. Back on track …

Poetry Form (from Tir na nOg: Land of the Everliving: A Poetic Community)

Heroic Stanza
A very popular quatrain that normaly used in ballad and story writing, consisting of one unrhymed and one rhymed couplet giving a suggested pattern of:


Before the death of planet fair

Sweet Lara held her baby close

And whispered words to soothe his soul

Perhaps a lullaby compose.

His father solemn did profess

A stately consecration there

And bade his son the best Godspeed

As he escaped their sun’s last flare.

In far-off Kansas on the plain

In wheat field tawny crashed on Earth.

Jonathan and Martha Kent then

Took him home, a son! New rebirth!

A planet gone and dead, decayed

Not one rock extra did remain

Yet something wing’d its way to Earth

Green-glowing element, a bane.

And through the mythos followed we

With wild adventures, brave and true.

This lurked behind, a poisonous foe

Kryptonite! that which he eschews!

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  1. A tough subject, and I love that you’re letting your 15 year old pick the ‘word’ of the day. I think you did a stellar job with Kryptonite! (and boo Wikipedia for lending pop-culture mythos credence) I say we rally for Entertainapedia – to save those who wouldn’t know otherwise from themselves…

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