J Is For Joust …

J is for Joust…

Me: Seriously?

Tim: First thing that popped into my mind …

Me: What was the second thing?

Tim: Jabberwocky.

Me: Joust it is!


While I could go all ‘Twas brillig and the slithey toves on you, I’ll spare you that bit and go with my husband’s knee-jerk reaction to me saying, “And TODAY’S letter is J!” Joust. Well, not a lot of definitions for “Joust.” In the end, it means a confrontation between knights on horseback. That’s a thing; in the pantheon of things, it’s a pretty straight-forward thing. I suppose you could get in to verbal jousting, trading barbs, and that sort of thing, but I think I’ll go all B.A. in Medieval History on this blog post and come up with something akin to a man-at-arms ….

Poetry Form: Dizain

This was originally a French form and initially would have been made up of eight syllable lines, but later ten syllable lines were also used. A few examples of this form in England did prefer Iambic Pentameter, but that’s purely up to the poet.
The rhyme scheme is:
a. b. a. b. b. c. c. d. c. d.


Her knight on horseback, lance in hand

Must view through visor dread and death

For King and Country, should withstand.

His nervous steed draws wild-eyed breath

And paws the ground in dreams bequeathed.

Next to his heart, her token lies

Soft confirmation of his prize

Should he vanquish that mortal foe

Who near that heart plans his demise

And plots to strike that fatal blow.

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  1. My word today was Jabberwocky. Very fun, although I can see why you might not want to write a poem about it.

  2. I like joust! But I am fond of things medieval. Also, learned a new poetry form today. Thanks!

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    Ruby Wilbur

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