I is for Indefatigable….

I is For Indefatigable…

Well, talk about your “I” words, this one’s a doozy. What am I supposed to do with this word? I mean, there’s HMS Indefatigable, there’s the USS Constitution Class Indefatigable, and that’s what you get when you’re dealing with old Maritimers (the word used to describe graduate students at ECU who opted for Maritime History and Nautical Archaeology)–ship stuff. In the end, everything is ship stuff.


Me: I don’t think that word means what you think it means.

Tim: That’s inconceivable!

If you’ve watched The Princess Bride, you get that. Yes, the word in the movie is “inconceivable,” but, inconceivably, my husband didn’t pick THAT WORD. He picked INDEFATIGABLE (which is a bear to keep typing in this blog post … just thought I’d add that).

Are we clear on the meaning of indefatigable? It’s untiring, inexhaustible, unflagging, incapable of being wearied. That’s pretty much what it means. What to do with this word that’s more of a concept than a thing… How’s about this?


Poetry Form: Aubade

An Aubade is a poem or song that greets the morning, or where wild life celebrates, or lovers wake, and sometimes waking to reluctantly part. (www.thepoetsgarret.com)


Let the sun rise, splendor borne!

Let dew drops glisten caught in starlight

Sing of Nature’s indefatigable dance!

Let light-washed mountains rise in song

And fish-filled streams a descant play

That greets the morning fresh and bold

With weariless sound, inexhaustible joy!

And when the light o’er creeps the sill

The lovers twined ‘neath softest spreads

Hear larks that call the break of day

And grudgingly that bed abandon

To part, yet all anticipation,

solace for some later hour.