B is for Beatification

(sometimes my husband is SUCH a jerk…)

Let me explain THIS way (from an actual conversation in the Marshall household one mere hour ago):

Tim: I don’t feel so good, I’m goin’ to bed..

Me: Wait — I need a B.

Tim: Pardon?

Me: A word that starts with B.

Tim: Hmm… what about “beatification?”

Me: What??

Tim: Is that the word?

Me: You mean like what happens before you become a saint??

Tim: Yeah — that word. You’ll have to look it up, I don’t know how to spell it.

Me(under my breath): I hate you…

Tim: B-e-a-u …

Me: Do you have ANY IDEA what I’m doing with these??

Tim: What?

Me: I’m getting a word from you and writing a POEM around it for the blog’s A To Z Challenge!

Tim: COOL! That’s so cool! Let’s see … something something St. Bernard — hey! You could write a limerick!

Me: I hate you soooooo much right now …

Tim: You should write a saint limerick!

So … B is for Beatification. Just what the buckets (that’s a better B-word!) is THAT? Well, I’m not Catholic, but I know what it is. It’s one of the steps toward sainthood. But, I wondered. So I looked up the definition and found … this:

Beatification (from Latin beatus, blessed) is a recognition accorded by the Catholic Church of a dead person’s entrance into Heaven and capacity to intercede on behalf of individuals who pray in his or her name (intercession of saints). Beatification is the third of the four steps in the canonization process. A person who is beatified is in English given the title “Blessed”.

You know, good ol’ Bede only made it as far as Venerable… But I digress… Limericks of The Saints. I have TWO.

A good man would many call Blessed

Entombed in the sod where he rests

But dug up and scattered

Like mortal ruins mattered

The bones of the saints repossessed.

And … because I can never ignore my husband when he has a good idea … here’s one about St. Bernard … and Abelard. You know … Abelard? Heloise? No, no, not the helpful hints lady (showing my age) … if you don’t know them, you should. Talk about the horrors of love … But, I digress (and smile to myself as you Google these two…)

Beatified Old Saint Bernard

While living he was quite a card

Wild schisms he fought

And Abelard baulked

We know him now less than the dog.

Happy Hopping Through The Letter B!

Tim: Tomorrow’s C!

Me: Kill me now…




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