A is for Anticipation….

Welcome to April 1st and the first post of The 2013 A To Z Challenge. In honor of National Poetry Month, I will be attempting to write a poem a day. Now, remember, I’m not promising Keats or Frost in a day, but one of MY poems per day. Today’s word is:


Wait for it ….

Now, while that could have been my poem (and is probably more worthy of the beatnik finger snapping than what follows), it isn’t. Sorry. Keep reading…

Let’s start with a little mathematical and philosophical theory about anticipation and anticipatory systems…

An anticipatory system is “… a system containing a predictive model of itself and/or its environment, which allows it to change state at an instant in accord with the model’s prediction pertaining to a later instant.” (Rosen, 1985) “An anticipatory system is a system whose current state depends not only on previous states, but also on possible future states.” (Nadin 2003) ‘I change my present course of action, in accordance with my model’s prediction.’ (Rosen, 1985)

Rosen, R., (1985). Anticipatory systems. Philosophical, mathematical, and methodological foundations. Oxford: Pergamon Press.

Now that the philosophical definition is out of the way, let’s move on to the poetry part, remembering that this poem’s current state depends not only on previous states, but also on [all] possible future states. There’s something wonderfully quantum about that…


One eyeblink

Passes blue through darkness

Into light—

Changes perspective

Illuminating forgotten potential

Driving imagin’d fear

To furthest corners.

Seen, unseen

Flickering sight

Wrings loneliness

From souls too stubborn to

Hope for blinding, brilliant


Fearing unpredictable


They watch—

Loathing and nursing the

Apprehension of undream’d


Hands hold

Impotent nothingness

Hearts hear echoes of

Impatient darkness.

Glinting sharpest,

Trembling in our collective


Sum of all things.

Hoped For.





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  1. Wonderfully quantum, indeed! I think you’re brave to write a poem each day. Happy A to Z-ing to you. 🙂 ~Tui

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