Happy Halloween Coffin Hoppers!


Picture a large glass of Guinness here because my smart phone is too dumb to post the one I uploaded to the site…


As promised, a review of Anthony Rapino’s epic “Soundtrack to the End of the World.” Ready? Because I’m typing this on a Droid, I’ll cut to the chase. This book is so well written, atmospheric, and compelling that if you don’t run out amd buy it immediately, I feel like I should not only unfriend you, but disown you by swearing an oath at Strongbow’s grave to give the shunning more weight. Remember, typing on a Droid…. and therefore mincing words. And eschewing grammar, spelling,  and most punctuation.

The end of the world is coming, and it’s easier and more insidious than you imagined. Much like Red Tash’s physics-based horror romp “This Brilliant Darkness,” Rapino’s tour de force is so unnerving that you’ll never look at clubbing the same again…and no, I’m not talking about baby seals.

Marty Raft is completely believable as is his not-so-funny small-time comedian friend. Toss in a professional aura reader and cry havoc and loose the zombies of…um…full of gore!

An awesome premise, expertly executed, and a fun read! Go now. Go buy it now. Really.


Now, let’s talk contests. I have THREE tumblers of the Deadman’s Reach ilk and a hoodie. It’s a Ravens Btewpalooza here today! Coemt for a chance to win



Riddle me this. Be the FIRST to answer this riddle correctly to win an awesome surprise from Irelan. Ready?


On of my enemies ended my life

Sapped my world strength, and afterwards soaked me,

Wetted in water…

Set me in sun, where soon I lost

The hairs which I had. And then the herd knife cut me…

Fingers folded me; a feather of bird

Traced all over my awny surface,

with drops of delight…

Then for trappings a man

Bound me with boards, bent hide over me,

Glossed me with gold; and so I glistened

Wondrous in smith-work, wire encircled

…say what I am ed,

Useful to man. Mighty my name is.

A help to heroes, and holy am I.


Good luck! Happy Hopping!



8 Replies to “Happy Halloween Coffin Hoppers!”

  1. I’m exhausted from work and excited about Nov 1st in 12 hours (add to that I can’t solve a riddle if my life depended on it-don’t tell Gollum). Very long and not at all short-I cheated and googled the first line. Very cool poem. Also, I solemly swear to buy (and read) Rapino’s book on Dec 1st. Is it November in Ireland yet? Are you having a marvelous time? Stay safe.

  2. Well, it’s either a dreamcatcher, or a Whale-penis-bone sword. Right? Whale-penis-bone… that’s the ticket. The holy whale-penis-bone sword of Meshuggenah the meek!

  3. Ahhh… since I collect the things made of this, it would be unfair for me to answer… I already know the verse. I’ll leave Axel with the hope of it being a Whale-penis-bone sword!

    Thank you for the clear and concise descriptive of the Soundtrack to the End of the World – I like my info straight from the hip, and since I enjoyed The Brilliant Darkness, I’m sure I’ll enjoy this one as well. ;}

  4. Mary comes closest. It’s a Dark Ages riddle about the making of vellum and then The Book of Kells (which we saw today and then went for a pint and then went and touched the mummified hand of a 12th century Crusader….at St. Michans…you MUST do that in Dublin). Mary, you win….and you. will. love the surprise from Ireland (just let me get home wigh it first, and, no, dead Crusaders aren,t really involved…actually…I think…) ^__^

  5. Thank you so, so much for the great review! I’ve been without power, otherwise I would have posted sooner. I’m glad you enjoyed the novel. Happy Halloween!

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