coffin hop day 5….at the airport

Please be patient, I’m typing this on a Droid…at Chicago’s O’Hare Airport…you know, the one so cheap you have to pay for WiFi. It’s the first time we’ve encountered that in a LONG time at an airport. Because my texting skills will win me no awards, I will cut to the chase. The GRAND PRIZE IRELAND SWAG prize pack will be a random drawing from among all the blog comments over the whole hop.

Tomorrow, when there is prkper wifi and connectivity, I will be posting a review of a book by this guy named Anthony Rapino. I think…does that look right? Remeber, I have suck-tacularly mad texting skills!

Leave a comment today to win a Deadman’s Reach hoodie!

Happy Hopping!

8 Replies to “coffin hop day 5….at the airport”

  1. I’ve heard of Anthony. Looking forward to seeing your review. And nice to stop by your website finally.

  2. Stay safe getting to Ireland so you can bring me stuff back!!! MWAHAHAHA. I wants a hoodie! Me, me, me! It’ll go so well with my mug… (suck it, Howerton!) Plus, it’s freakin’ Canada. I always need more hoodies. Especially since the dog likes to eat my favourite ones. *headdesk*

  3. Your texting skills look pretty good next to mine. I have a gift for finding the most outrageous autocorrections.

    I like hoodies…

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