Welcome to the 2012 Coffin Hop!

While the REAL HORROR is trying to pull all this together with the Internet as it exists at my house, you’re not here for that. You’re here for evocative posts and PRIZES! Well, there are prizes EVERY DAY during Coffin Hop here at A Diamond in the Dark! Some contests are random drawings for goodies taken from the comments (using random.com), and some, well, sorry, you gotta work for ’em! Details for the GRAND PRIZE PACK that will come to you DIRECT (via Alaska) from Ireland are forth coming! Clearly labeled warning: writing on your part will be involved! But, hey, it’s swag from flippin’ IRELAND. You’re into that, right? RIGHT?

What can you expect? Well, I’m hoping you can expect guests and character interviews and movie and book reviews, and maybe something a little more. ALL DURING THE HOP, check out the cover art over there –> yeah, there, see it? It’s for a little ditty called SALT that failed rather miserably with Entangled Press last month, but I took it back, loved it up, smacked it with the hatchet that is my inner editor, and, well, here it is. FREE. If you love fairytales – especially of the Russian ilk – it might be for you! True confessions: SALT was my favorite fairytale growing up, so when I had a chance to tweak it and bring in the Undead (and how the hell the Basques got there, I don’t have a clue, but that’s characters for you!), well, I had to give it a whirl. (Feedback of all types is most welcome at the thefishingwidow@akmarshall.com email)

This is where I’m supposed to say something grand and stirring … and Halloween-y or horrific. Well. I could share a Halloween Tradition that spans the month of October in our house: B-Movies. See, so when grand poohbah Axel Howerton put out a call for B-Movie Homage Shorts, well, it’s not like I’m a stranger. I can’t watch properly scary movies because they, well, scare me. So, we watch B-Movies. All through October. Whether it’s the original House on Haunted Hill or Tarantula or Earth vs. The Spider or the little known (but REALLY WEIRDLY PREMISED) Monolith Monsters, that’s where we’ll be of an evening in October on Prince of Wales Island.

So, let’s start this off with a contest. For, um … okay, a Deadman’s Reach Coffee Tumbler (one of those that’s a travel mug, but tumbler seems to be the thing to call them lately)! It’s tradition! What’s YOUR October/Halloween Tradition (and how long has it been one, and are you crossing your fingers that your offspring carries it on)? GO! (and then go hop some more!)

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  1. Huzzah! I needs me a tumbler of the black gold.
    Halloween traditions… we have one. When #1 son was 3-ish and the missus was “up the spout, fo shizz”, we decided to placate both sets of grandparents by hauling ass across the city – TWICE – and have them all be able to take the young’n trick ‘r’ treating in their neighborhood. There are pics out there somewhere. I was The Dude, obviously. The Miz made a very convincing Juno and the boyo was the best looking Indiana Jones imaginable.
    After that, we were expected, every year, to run the gauntlet. This year, my folks set themselves up with a “summer home” (read: trailer park in the woods) where they threw a little early Halloween shindig for the kids back in September, which was grand, and Daddy had many a tootsie roll that week… Hopefully we can now eliminate half of the trip and take the boys to one end of town and be back before midnight…

  2. My husband is a streamer-freak, especially around Halloween. He loves to surprise me by decking out our house with streamers and decorations, but he doesn’t just toss them here and there. He creates a story to accompany the flow. This years involved a drunken ghost who slimed the walls and ceiling before passing through the closet door and suffocating in the litter box.

    Our tradition also involves leaving said decorations up for an inappropriately long amount of time.

  3. Hmmm Halloween Traditions… Who doesn’t have them? Mine consists of loads of hot chocolate and movie marathons. I love the Halloween greats from It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown to Halloween to Trick R Treat. In addition to those, it’s all about the franchises – Alien (minus most of the first one cuz I have a thing…), Resident Evil, Final Destination, Romero’s Of the Dead series (Night, Dawn, Day, Diary, Land and Survival), plus I few childhood horror favs like Ghostbusters, Nightmare on Elm Street and the like. Tonight, I’ll be watching Identity and while it’s strictly not just a horror film, it is one of my favourites!

  4. Ok, I need this mug/tumbler that would go GREAT with my t-shirt with the same print. Destiny, much? Me thinks so.

    Best tradition so far is trick or treating with my beloved niece (who always gets cold in the middle of the treck so we have to rush back home), but to see her all costumed up and so happy to get free candy is priceless.

    And this year, my dog Poe is coming along (who will be wearing his apprentice sorcerer costume even if I have to glue it on!) with us, so it should be even more precious…or catastrophic, no one knows:)

    Happy hop, widow, and may I add the picture of the boat is simply beautiful!

  5. Um. I had a Halloween tradition which was to dress up and binge drink with a group of friends. But I had a falling out with one of the main instigators of this tradition, so… Yeah. Now I need a new tradition. And I don’t think I’m gonna do anything crazy this year for Halloween – besides the Coffin Hop – because the falling out just happened.

    But hey okay, tradition, um, let me think… I dress up my cats. Here ya go. Great tradition.

    Did I win?

  6. Halloween traditions… well, I have to admit I don’t really have any. They kinda got a bit muddled after my parents split and it got difficult to pin things down, and then I never bothered doing anything while in college. (I know, I know, bad student.)

    One tradition, however, that I’m planning on upholding for the fourth year running, is the one that involves me buying a shit tonne of candy and staying up until midnight for the start of NaNoWriMo. 😀 (Even though work the next day is bound to be hell because we’re short two people ALL FLIPPIN’ DAY.)

    Now then… mug? I can haz it? 😀

  7. THE MUG, IT IS MINE!!! MINE!!! It shall be mine…

    I have so many traditions! First of all, obviously I like to carve pumpkins with the kids. I let them pick out the designs and then we scrape out the blechy seeds together. This year we carved a Batman, a Spiderman, a fairy, and my oldest painted Deadpool on his.

    I always try to roast the seeds, which was a bust until I reached out for help! This year I brined the seeds (and when you validated that I jumped for joy). I seasoned them with Worchestershire and butter and they were awesome!!! That’ll be a new tradition, for sure.

    I got out of the habit of dressing up, but Tim got into it. We are still working out our costumes this year, but last year we were the Doctor and River Song, and the baby was the TARDIS! The boys were three ninjas. I LOVE themed costumes. When my youngest boy was a baby, he was a dementor. Son #2 was Sirius Black, and oldest was Harry Potter!

    We live near where the local “candy carnival” is held, so we go there to trick or treat, since the neighborhood isn’t as neighborly as the one I grew up in. We also sometimes visit the nursing home nearby. The elderly residents can be a little intimidating for the kids, but they LOVE seeing the little ones in their outfits and it feels good knowing we’re giving them something to smile about (hopefully!). There are always a few cranky old folks, but it gives us something to laugh about later!

    What else…I mean, fall is my favorite time of year, so I could go on and on about fall things in general. Halloween is right after my birthday, so it’s always been one of my favorite holidays! What’s not to love about dead things and scary monsters? I mean, come on!

    1. Our tradition is kind of a sad one, one of remembrance. Back in 1995 when my wife and I first started dating, a teenager in our church got in with the wrong crowd. I used to mentor him in art, taught him how to draw superheroes and things like that. He wanted to be a comic book artist when he was older. At the time, he was fifteen.

      Then on Halloween night of 1995, he was murdered by a drug addict in a trailer home not too far from his house where he told me he would be so I could pick him up and take him and his little sister trick-or-treating with my sister and Cate’s sister.

      We found out the next day that he had been killed, and his body set on fire.

      Halloween was Chris’s favorite day of the year.

      The next Halloween my wife and I went trick or treating with the kid sisters, then went to the cemetery to pay our friend, Chris, a visit. We talked to him for a few minutes, and then we pulled out a candy bar, toasted him and ate it while standing at his grave.

      Every year we go back to the grave, sometimes to put a pumpkin on the grave, but always to say we miss him and to toast his short life and eat a candy bar.

      That is our Halloween tradition.

  8. Movies. For Halloween the family watches Young Frankenstein, Army of Darkness, and — my all time Halloween favorite — Hocus Pocus. Other movies change each year, but those are the core of the tradition.

  9. I have many fond memories of trick or treating in weather much too cold for it – sweatshirts under costumes because that was the only way I’d get out of the house since I had flat out refused a coat. I wish I’d get more kids to my house, but I can’t seem to get them to my house. But I decorate like crazy. I must own a thousand decorations…

  10. A few years ago we started watching bad horror movies every Halloween night. Now that my sons are 13 and 11, they would much rather geek out at home with popcorn, cokes, and a nice horrible flick from the ’70s than go Trick-or-Treating. This year I’m going to go high class and pull out my DVD of “The Masque of the Red Death”. Gotta love Vincent Price.

  11. I used to like to TP neighbors trees and smash pumpkins. Then it became watch scary movies. I still always associate watching Garfield’s Halloween with Halloween television. I wonder what I’ll watch this Halloween.

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