Welcome Spring With A Blog Hop!

Yes, yes, it’s not REALLY a St. Patrick’s Day Blog Hop when it’s on March 16th, but, remember, we all intend to be REALLY busy on Saturday the 17th. In that spirit, I’ll go ahead and announce the contest (and release the hounds!) for that day! Ready? Oooooooo…… There’s nothing like a good ghost story. AND, there’s nothing better than a TRUE ghost story. So, here’s the deal. I’ve got a Deadman’s Reach hoodie (size XL) up for grabs to the one who fesses up (in the comments) with their best scary TRUE ghost story! Like what? I dunno, like the video conference camera sweeping the library and following people, and when the guy from UAF called and I laughed and said, “Is that you?” and he said, “Um… I usually get ‘hello’ first.” and I said, “No, with the camera. Did you dial in on the camera?” Silence. “No. And neither has anyone else…” Okay, we spent the rest of the day kinda watchin’ that thing …..  But I digress …. I’ve ALSO got a Deadman’s Reach ball cap (I don’t think there are sizes on these things) for the person who fesses up with the best funny TRUE ghost story. Like the time a book slid off a shelf and …well … if I keep going with these, ain’t NO ONE gonna come into my library!

You get the idea. Hit me with your best spooky otherworldly shot. 10 days to let it fester should do it, and get ready to post and WIN here, on March 16th for our We’re-So-Close-To-St Patrick’s-Day Blog Hop! And, as promised, I have several AWESOME guests lined up. You won’t BELIEVE it, but I know you’ll love it!