♫The 12 Days of Creepfest Winners Circle!♫

Oh, what fun it was to play! Well, when I had internet access, it was fun to hop! And THANK YOU to Hoppers and others who came by and entered the contests!  And the winners (and their entries) are…… *drum roll…….*

Contest #1: He hesitated, feeling the burning of eyes from somewhere behind him, or above ….

Anthony J. Rapino for his tidbit:

Don’t Look Up

This is why he hated walking the dog at night. Little Pugsley always took him into the woods, and Big Al (no matter how big he was) always felt like something was watching him. The shadows of trees grew into impossibly tall men, with reaching arms. Every skitter in the leaves was a footstep in his direction. And every time Pugsley hesitated, perked up his ears, Big Al knew something had tracked them. He knew something was coming.

He just didn’t realize it was coming from above.

Anthony won a Deadman’s Reach ball cap for that entry







The second contest had a bunch of REALLY GREAT entries and the staff (including Tim and my kids ’cause that’s all the staff I have) had a hard time deciding, so there was a first place for the hoodie and a second place for another ball cap.

Contest #2: He blinked and looked around. “What the hell is up with the birds?” he wondered.

Winner: Anthony J. Rapino for THIS entry (I think I know Steve … and the other bird, too)


The ravens circled his splayed body. Ed sat up and watched the birds continue to fly around him as if awaiting a meal. One broke off from the others and touched down at his feet. It cocked its head. Ed did the same.

The raven squawked, “Nevermore.”

“You’ve got to be kidding me.”

The raven hopped a little closer. “Don’t be like that, dude.”


“What. Do I really have to stick to the script?”

“Um. Huh?”

The raven looked up at the others in the sky. “Looks like we’ve got a real winner down here.” One by one the flying ravens landed, encircling Ed. They spoke at random while Ed swiveled his head around trying to keep track.

“He has no idea.”

“None whatsoever.”

“Poor dolt.”

“I want his eyes!”

“Steve! Quiet down.”

The main raven hopped even closer, now between Ed’s knees. “Don’t listen to Steve. No one is going to eat your eyes.”


A motley Raven—straight from an 80’s movie it would seem— cackled in response. Ed thought he certainly looked like the type of bird that would eat his eyeballs.

The head raven said, “Well? Do you have anything to say for yourself?”


The raven flapped a wing to the right. Ed looked over and saw a shotgun and discharged shells. Some other ravens turned and pointed off in the distance with their beaks. Off near some trees lay a bundle of feathers.

The main raven said, “Why would you do that? Are you really going to eat a raven?”

Ed shook his head. Was that something loose inside his skull he heard rattling around. Probably his brain. Certainly he was dreaming. Or dead. Or something.

The raven was now the one to shake his head. “Hopeless. “ He hopped ever closer and uttered, “Nevermore.”

The ravens closed in. Dozens landed on Ed and grasped his clothes with their tiny talons. The sky grew black with hundreds more, and in what seemed an instant, Ed was airborne, carried away by an unkindness of ravens.

Steve cawed to Ed as they flew away, “Soon, you’ll wish I did eat your eyes.”

Second Place: Red Tash for this chilling bit of poetry:

The rustle of wings, then the pinch of claws.

It only hurts a little, for just a little while.

A man, on legs, left behind. Not one of us.

It only hurts a little, for just a little while.

The wind will toss us, lift us, a dance behind the veil.

It only hurts a little, for just a little while.

Blood like wine, like water, fly

It only hurts a little, for just a little while


Contest #3: In which I asked participants to hit me with your best Horror Haiku. Again, lots of great entries and a spirited debate during a game of Top Gear (yes, it’s a board game, and yes, we are complete and total geeks), led to the crowning of a winner of a hoodie and the winner of a Deadman’s Reach ball cap!

Winner: Erik Gustafson for this chiller:

Flashing lightening cracks
Black room, creeping shadows live
Glimmering ax blade

Second Place: Ash Krafton for her twisted take on … um…the whole Santa thing…

a child, I believed
in Santa, in snow, in light–
until Krampus came.

Thanks to everyone who entered!  Winners have been notified by either Facebook message or email (depending on what I had from everyone). I’d like to say that prizes will go out in the morning mail (if I have an address from you by then), but, well, it blew 90mph here today, it’s blowing about 45mph here at the moment, the ice is pounding down on us, and we’ve got 9′ seas … so… prizes will go out when the weather breaks!  Believe you me, we’re all hoping that’s SOON!

Thanks, all, for a great hop!

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