♫And on Christmas Eve … the End of The Hop … My True Love Gave to Me….♫



Days and days of 50mph+ winds have hammered Prince of Wales Island, and, since we’re on the outer edge of the western shore, it’s hammered us harder than some other places. Yesterday, in a classic sucker hole, we heard a sound that we hadn’t heard in days — a floatplane engine.  Someone had actually made it to the island!  Impressive, since even the ferry had turned back days before (they never did make it to the open water of Clarence Strait…)

It didn’t help that this came on the heels of a Southeast-wide outage of phones (cell phones, long distance, even regional in some cases) when an AT&T tower outside Juneau failed in late-November. While it was nice (in a way) to have the silence and lack of texting and internet, it went on for nearly 36 hours and we all began to realize that if someone Outside was trying to reach us … nope. Those of us with elderly (sorry mom, I can’t believe I called you guys that) parents were more than a little agitated…

But, it’s life in Southeast. It’s a trade off.  Trying to get somewhere for Christmas? Sorry–maybe not this year. It says something when you can’t get to the island that has the plane that can take you south… A family trying to get to Metlakatla when the ferry turned around came into the library lamenting that they may miss Christmas with the grandparents (and their kids’ presents were already IN Metlakatla). I like to relate the story of Tim’s (that’s my husband) travel adventure in Southeast: last February, he and another gentleman, went to Wrangell

for what was supposed to be an hour-long meeting. It turned out to be a 20 minute meeting. The weather closed in. They were there for FIVE DAYS. The two finally made it out when the Alaska Marine Highway ferry made it to port. They went back to Ketchikan and then back to Craig…because you can’t get here from there … directly..

So, living here is an exercise in living underwater (nearly 15 feet of rainfall annually) and patience when it comes to any kind of travel. I pinch at my eyes when people schedule meetings and trips for me in the winter. Luckily, I don’t get seasick, or I would be checking my Dramamine supply for when the ferry rocks and rolls…

Not much horror in this post save for the weather, and I wish I could share that with you (remotely … share it with you REMOTELY because TRUST ME, you don’t WANT this)… as I get ready to pull on my Grunden’s and run the dog around in the gale, I’m going to leave the last contest (because what better time to be all reflective and haiku-y than on Christmas Eve?) … Here it is:

It’s a HORROR HAIKU contest.  Free form (’cause that’s how Haiku is supposed to be!)! Hit me with your best 5-7-5 tribute to the genre, a creature, the weather… you get the idea. What scares you? (lately, it’s this thing that ate the bones out of one of my characters and is wearing his skin like a rag doll … ew… I can’t get off the porch at night to go bring the dog in ’cause I know it’s going to flop down from the cedar branches and GET ME! *shudders*) How would YOU enjoy brain crumpets at the Zombie Cafe? .. Go for it!

All contest winners will be announced on Boxing Day (after all, Facebook thinks I’m in Canada, so I’ll just go with that vibe…)!  Good luck!  Leave your entries as a comment here OR email to thefishingwidow@akmarshall.com

The winner gets THIS: (with the caveat that the weather has to break for the damn float plane to get out to get it to you!)

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