Coffin Hop 2011 October 24th – 31st

It’s arrived.  Coffin Hop 2011 From October 24th – 31st, it’s your chance to get your Horror On with 101 authors of dark and mysterious stories…. Oh, and did I mention there’s swag?  Come back here to WIN a great prize pack–all with a Southeast Alaskan theme: your choice of a t-shirt by artist Ray Troll (designs below), an enamel pin by artist William Spear (also below), AND, while it’s not really a Southeast Alaskan creation, it’s still howlingly good fun for the season: a bag of deliciously delectable Terrified Villager Brains from the Monster Mercantile.

You waaant these.  Axel Howe (one of Coffin Hop’s founders) would actually like the Spear pin tattooed on his … well .. you know… How to win them?  Bwa ha ha … Come back this afternoon for a new post featuring author Daniel A. Kaine and his new book Daeva: Dawn of Darkness and details about the prize!

In the meantime, follow these awesome authors of horror and mayhem on Twitter:

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and be prepared for more links that will make the hairs on the back of your neck bristle .. alarmingly…