Saltus Teutoburgensis

   In AD 9, the Roman General Varus was routed by Arminius in the the saltus Teutoburgensis–a battle which later became known as Teutoburg Forest …. It’s always held a fascination for me, and when Camp NaNoWriMo appeared on the horizon, I thought this would be a great time to leave Alaska and work on something completely different.  The research has been frustrating and fascinating.  The characters are coming together … It is a completely fictitious telling of a story of three survivors of the massacred legions, some of whom make it through to meet Germanicus when he visited the battlefield and interred what dead he could find in AD 15.

Written as a YA Horror/Supernatural story, it may be that it is relegated to the files of experimentation that may or may not go awry.  Any way it pans out, I’ll be serializing it here.  Watch for new posts as the story unfolds…..