New Fishing Widow Chapter Pages!

Lots of great feedback has me really excited about this project!  Author C.J. Cook is reviewing The Fishing Widow on his blog, and there will be a link available here once that hits the blogosphere! To celebrate, I’m sharing even more of the story.  Check out the links at right to read The Prologue and Chapters 1-3!  I hope you enjoy it!

And the video? The boys in The Fishing Widow are involved in the Sitka herring sac roe fishery. There’s a reason a lot of people smile and call them “in-seiners.” You’ll realize that at about 1:40 into this YouTube Video of the 2009 Sitka Herring Sac Roe Opening (thanks to Skysirrico for shooting this one and many more!). Combat fishing. It’s what I’ve tried to convey. Enjoy!